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My Gambling Den Vingt-et-un Type Game

January 15th, 2021

I have gambled on countless of hands of vingt-et-un. I started working my way into the gambling halls when I was 16. I have enjoyed online twenty-one, I have counted cards, and worked as part of a team for a little while. With all that said I have still spent an abundance of money at twenty-one. The gambling dens have made it very hard to beat the casino.

I still enjoy the game and gamble on a regular basis. Over the years I have wagered on a type of chemin de fer called "The Take it Leave it Method". You certainly won’t get rich with this method or beat the casino, however you will experience a lot of fun. This tactic is built on the idea that blackjack appears to be a game of streaks. When you’re on fire your on fire, and when you are not you’re NOT!

I bet with basic strategy blackjack. When I lose I wager the table minimum on the subsequent hand. If I don’t win again I bet the table minimum on the next hand again etc. As soon as I win I take the payout paid to me and I bet the original wager again. If I win this hand I then keep in play the winnings paid to me and now have double my original bet on the table. If I succeed again I take the winnings paid to me, and if I succeed the next hand I leave it for a total of four times my original wager. I continue betting this way "Take it Leave it etc". Once I lose I lower the action back down to the original value.

I am very strict and never back out. It gets very exciting sometimes. If you succeed at a few hands in sequence your bets go up very fast. Before you know it you are wagering $100-200/ hand. I have had great streaks a number of times now. I left a $5 table at the Luxor a few years back with $750 after 35 minutes using this tactic! And a couple of weeks ago in Las Vegas I left a table with $1200!

You need to comprehend that you can say good-bye to much faster this way too!. But it really makes the game more enjoyable. And you will be amazed at the streaks you witness wagering this way. Below is a guide of what you would wager if you kept winning at a 5 dollar game.

Wager $5
Take 5 dollar paid-out to you, leave the first five dollar wager

Wager $5
Leave five dollar paid-out to you for a total bet of $10

Wager ten dollar
Take ten dollar paid to you, leave the first ten dollar wager

Bet ten dollar
Leave 10 dollar paid to you for a total bet of 20 dollar

Wager 20 dollar
Take $20 paid-out to you, leave the original 20 dollar bet

Wager $20
Leave 20 dollar paid-out to you for a total bet of 40 dollar

Bet forty dollar
Take forty dollar paid-out to you, leave the initial 40 dollar wager

Bet forty dollar
Leave $40 paid to you for a total wager of $80

Bet 80 dollar
Take $80 paid-out to you, leave the original $80 wager

Bet $80
Leave 80 dollar paid to you for a total bet of $160

Wager 160 dollar
Take one hundred and sixty dollar paid-out to you, leave the initial $160 bet

If you departed at this instance you would be up 315 dollar !!

It is hard to go on a streak this long, but it does happen. And when it does you mustn’t alter and lower your bet or the end result will not be the same.

Play 21 For Fun – And For Profit

January 13th, 2021

A handful of people enjoy chemin de fer for excitement, a few for $$$$ and a few for both. It doesn’t matter if you are comfortable with chemin de fer or not, why not try to wager on vingt-et-un internet game on your computer from the comfort of your condo?

Now, how can you succeed at chemin de fer? You need to gain the edge but in order to do this you will be required to memorize the basic blackjack strategy as well as the art of counting cards and, you need to apply the information from card counting to make bigger wagers when the odds swing in your favour and lesser wagers when the odds are in the casino’s favour. Apart from that, you should also be bankrolled enough to survive the brief changes that almost certainly will happen no matter how good a 21 gambler you might be.

Last but no less important you should understand how to locate the strongest games, conceal your counting skills, and be mentally set for some hellish short term bad luck times. It may seem like a boring and monotonous task and it is. With practice and persistence however, you can learn to obtain the fundamental understanding in vingt-et-un this way.

If you’re an amateur gambler and are looking to enjoy chemin de fer at a land-based casino, I recommend that you sit close to the 3rd base side of the table which is on the croupiers right hand side. The reason for this is that it might give you a bit of extra time to determine how you might wager on your hand. Despite the fact that this is a good location for beginners, I wouldn’t recommend you to sit at the anchor position which is the very last seat. The Anchor gambler feels a lot of pressure to make the correct action that will rescue the table.